Frequently Asked Questions
      1. Can I order special size sheets?

                Yes. Custom sheet sizes can be ordered by calling 316-838-2000.
      2. Will this vinyl material work on a gun/car/ATV?

                Our Avery high performance wrap material will work on most all painted surfaces with the exception of high impact plastics such as atv and motorcycle fenders.
      3. What type of preparation of a surface is needed before installing vinyl?

                 Using rubbing alchohol or denatured alchohol and a clean cloth rag to remove any grease, wax or dirt is required to prep any surface. For more information on surface prep and installation see the installation section by clicking the link at the top of the page.
      4. Do I need any special tools to install this vinyl?

                A plastic squeege applicator (prefeably with a cloth or felt edge to avoid scratching the laminate), an Exacto or Olfa razor blade knife, and rubbing alchohol for cleaning. Refer to the installation section for more info on necessary tools and procedures.
      5. What is the procedure for returning a defective product?

                In order to return a product you must call our customer service center. If the product is determined to be defective due to a mistake by the manufacturer you will be instructed on what to do. For more information on warranty items please visit our policy section (link at the bottom of the page).


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