Bushwolftm non-repeating patterns provide total outline Obliterationtm.
Unrivaled depth and true to life natural outdoor hues that come together while
twisting in defining elements of what our breed is all about.
This is camouflage like youíve never seen before.

Bushwolftm Camouflage is sold by the foot, what you wrap with it is completely up to you. Conceal game cameras in camo, camo dog
boxes, wrap ATVís, boats, tool boxes, paintbball guns, refrigerators... the durable and easy conforming Avery vinyl will allow you to
wrap almost any smooth non-porous surface imaginable. And our ordering process allows you to purchase only what you need.
Click here to learn how to order.
One of the top features of Bushwolftm Camouflage is a total diffuse matte finish which hides what is known as specular reflection by
dispersing the light across the wrapped surface. This specular dispersion makes Bushwolftm ideal for wrapping firearms or any items
that need further concealment in the field. It also creates a stronger protective barrier to prevent scratches and scrapes to the surface
and keeping your items in top condition.


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